Sucrose per 100 gram

Sugars, granulated99.8 g
Sugar, turbinado99.19 g
Sugars, brown94.56 g
Lemonade, powder74.45 g
Lemonade-flavor drink, powder72.16 g
Syrup, maple, Canadian58.93 g
Syrups, maple58.32 g
Nuts, coconut cream, canned, sweetened51.5 g
Sweeteners, for baking, contains sugar and sucralose47.05 g
Chocolate, dark, 45- 59% cacao solids46.25 g
Candies, chocolate, dark, NFS (45-59% cacao solids 90%; 60-69% cacao solids 5%; 70-85% cacao solids 5%)44.65 g
Cookies, chocolate sandwich, with extra creme filling44.53 g
Sweeteners, for baking, brown, contains sugar and sucralose44.35 g
Dulce de Leche41.77 g
Cookies, sugar wafers with creme filling, regular40.63 g
Candies, TOOTSIE ROLL, chocolate-flavor roll39.35 g
Cookies, chocolate sandwich, with creme filling, regular39.01 g
Papaya, canned, heavy syrup, drained38.37 g
Cake, chocolate, commercially prepared with chocolate frosting, in-store bakery37.12 g
Cake, yellow, commercially prepared, with chocolate frosting, in-store bakery36.51 g
Chocolate, dark, 60-69% cacao solids36.39 g
Nuts, coconut meat, dried (desiccated), sweetened, flaked, packaged36.21 g
Cereals ready-to-eat, MALT-O-MEAL, GOLDEN PUFFS35.45 g
Cookies, chocolate chip, commercially prepared, regular, higher fat, enriched31.52 g
Cake, pound, commercially prepared, butter (includes fresh and frozen)30.68 g
Molasses29.4 g
Muffins, blueberry, commercially prepared (Includes mini-muffins)29.25 g
Cake, snack cakes, creme-filled, sponge28.9 g
Sweet potato, cooked, candied, home-prepared26.56 g
Cake, pound, BIMBO Bakeries USA, Panque Casero, home baked style26.5 g
Keikitos (muffins), Latino bakery item25.81 g
Cereals, oats, instant, fortified, with cinnamon and spice, dry24.5 g
Bread, salvadoran sweet cheese (quesadilla salvadorena)24.1 g
Chocolate, dark, 70-85% cacao solids23.99 g
Dates, deglet noor23.84 g
Cookies, chocolate chip, commercially prepared, soft-type22.12 g
Pan Dulce, LA RICURA, Salpora de Arroz con Azucar, cookie-like, contains wheat flour and rice flour21.86 g
Cereals, oats, instant, fortified, with raisins and spice, dry21.41 g
Corn, dried, yellow (Northern Plains Indians)20.08 g
Doughnuts, yeast-leavened, glazed, enriched (includes honey buns)18.39 g
Pie Crust, Cookie-type, Graham Cracker, Ready Crust18.13 g
Bread, pound cake type, pan de torta salvadoran17.3 g
Cinnamon buns, frosted (includes honey buns)17.11 g
Light Ice Cream, soft serve, blended with milk chocolate candies16.9 g
Snacks, granola bars, soft, uncoated, chocolate chip16.51 g
Puddings, chocolate, ready-to-eat15.47 g
Peaches, dried, sulfured, uncooked15.42 g
Puddings, vanilla, ready-to-eat15.17 g
Pie, pecan, commercially prepared14.44 g
Bread, cornbread, dry mix, prepared with 2% milk, 80% margarine, and eggs14.41 g
Formulated bar, MARS SNACKFOOD US, SNICKERS Marathon Energy Bar, all flavors14.27 g
Light Ice Cream, soft serve, blended with cookie pieces14.2 g
Dessert topping, powdered, 1.5 ounce prepared with 1/2 cup milk13.6 g
Bread, blue corn, somiviki (Hopi)12.94 g
Fast foods, vanilla, light, soft-serve ice cream, with cone12.76 g
Puddings, tapioca, ready-to-eat12.55 g
Rowal, raw12.5 g
Sauce, peanut, made from peanut butter, water, soy sauce12.4 g
Pastry, Pastelitos de Guava (guava pastries)12.37 g
Restaurant, Chinese, orange chicken12.3 g
Formulated bar, high fiber, chewy, oats and chocolate12.2 g
Plantains, yellow, fried, Latino restaurant11.93 g
Pie, Dutch Apple, Commercially Prepared11.03 g
Seeds, sunflower seed butter, with salt added10.54 g
Seeds, sunflower seed butter, without salt10.54 g
Restaurant, Latino, arroz con leche (rice pudding)10.47 g
Restaurant, Chinese, general tso's chicken10.46 g
Egg, yolk, raw, frozen, sugared, pasteurized10.1 g
Pancakes, plain, dry mix, complete (includes buttermilk)10.0 g
Cereals ready-to-eat, USDA Commodity Corn and Rice (includes all commodity brands)9.74 g
Lemonade, frozen concentrate, white9.7 g
Babyfood, dessert, custard pudding, vanilla, junior9.34 g
Pie, pumpkin, commercially prepared9.3 g
Crackers, wheat, reduced fat9.24 g
Fast foods, coleslaw8.96 g
Babyfood, dessert, dutch apple, junior8.8 g
Toaster Pastries, fruit, frosted (include apples, blueberry, cherry, strawberry)8.73 g
Peanut butter, smooth style, without salt8.68 g
Peanut butter, smooth style, with salt8.68 g
Corn, sweet, white, frozen, kernels cut off cob, unprepared8.5 g
Crackers, wheat, regular8.28 g
Puddings, rice, ready-to-eat8.07 g
Apricots, dried, sulfured, uncooked7.89 g
Cereals ready-to-eat, wheat germ, toasted, plain7.8 g
Lemonade, frozen concentrate, pink7.39 g
Restaurant, Latino, bunuelos (fried yeast bread)7.33 g
Crackers, standard snack-type, regular7.29 g
Cereals ready-to-eat, USDA Commodity Rice Crisps (includes all commodity brands)7.18 g
Fast foods, french toast sticks7.14 g
Nuts, pistachio nuts, dry roasted, without salt added7.12 g
Nuts, pistachio nuts, dry roasted, with salt added7.12 g
Corn dogs, frozen, prepared7.04 g
Mangos, raw6.97 g
Sauce, peanut, made from coconut, water, sugar, peanuts6.9 g
Snacks, FRITOLAY, SUNCHIPS, Multigrain Snack, original flavor6.9 g
Nuts, pistachio nuts, raw6.87 g
Pasta mix, Italian lasagna, unprepared6.83 g
Crackers, standard snack-type, sandwich, with peanut butter filling6.57 g