Oat Fiber – An Important Health Diet

Fiber is an essential part of our daily diet; it helps us to control cholesterol in our body. Now so many diseases are causing due to cholesterol. So it is very necessary to take as much as fiber in our daily diet. Oat fiber is an ideal source for it. Study has shown that if someone will take 40grams of Oat for 14 days it’ll reduce the LDL (lowered bad cholesterol) and increase the level of HDL. Oat fiber is helpful for reduce risk of Diabetes and Heart problem to 15 to 20%. As it is 100% natural, it is helping us to increase body immunity power which is considered the defense system of our body. Oat Fiber is help full for smokers who really want to give up smoking. Oat fiber is the remedy of so many regular disease like rheumatism, skin disease, sleeplessness and stress. Most amazing fact on Oat fiber can protect you from radiation.
As our life now going through so many modern gadgets such as computer, cell phone, air travel, attachments to high tension power lines and UV rays from the sun, in such cases radiation is normal so Oat fiber can protect you from these circumstances. Suppose you suffer from constipation, then irritable bowel syndrome, the hemorrhoids or else with life threatening problems such as colon cancer & coronary heart disease chances are the culprit is very low fiber diet. The oats are very nutritious as well as filled with the cholesterol fighting for soluble fiber. Just like other oats grains don’t lose the nutrients even after getting processed. The high fiber content in oats is anti carcinogenic, effectual especially for the colon cancer. The whole oats will result in the bulky stool that in turn dilutes the carcinogens.

Improved fitness levels:

Oatmeal will help to fight against obesity since the soluble fiber will slow down the digestion, and increasing sense of fullness. The oats not just add the fiber to food but as well add zing to this. The rolled oats have been the staple diet of the athletes particularly the weight trainers.