Oat Fiber – For Health and Skin

Fibrous roots are produced by oat and it is hugely cultivated at most part of the world. Oat is a grain and today many individuals love to have it in their breakfast. Not only that many ointments and skin care products consist of oats. Oats have various types of forms and are hugely available in the market. Some of the most well-known oats are oat bran, oat flour, steel-cut, instant oatmeal, oat groats that are consumed by us. For wonderful skin, oatmeal baths are best, as it offers beautiful and soothing skin. It removes different types of itching problems and pox. In ancient times it was used as scrub for face to make the skin glowing. Oat straw is best to remove skin diseases and nervous disorders as it is rich in silicic acid. Now so many diseases are causing due to cholesterol.
So it is very necessary to take as much as fiber in our daily diet. Oat fiber is an ideal source for it. Study has shown that if someone will take 40grams of Oat for 14 days it’ll reduce the LDL (lowered bad cholesterol) and increase the level of HDL. Most amazing fact on Oat fiber can protect you from radiation and UV rays from the sun. The people who get the obesity problem can combine oat with the low cholesterol food. The oat is also used in a form of the wealth porridge, bread and biscuit. How does oat decrease cholesterol level in blood? Following is the short summary.

1. In lever, the cholesterol is changed in gall acid as well as taken down the small intestine for helping to digest fat of the food that you consume.
2. Suppose you eat oatmeal, in the small intestine, dissolvable fiber will form gel, which binds cholesterol, fat, as well as gall acid.
3. Because of bonded by dissolvable fiber of the oat in a form of gel, the part of gall acids will not get absorbed through wall of the small intestine. After that, acid is been secreted by large intestine, thus the amount in the lever decreases.