Oat Fiber – Have It to Get the Best Health!

It's the fiber which is also known as the roughage. It is also known as the part of the plant which is tough to digest. When the fiber goes into our digestive system it starts absorbing the water and then it helps in easing the bowel movements. While looking at the fiber, basically you can find soluble and insoluble fibers. The soluble fiber is present basically in the fruits, and other vegetables. Simply by consuming the soluble fiber you can feel fuller for a long time. There are also some fruits like broccoli, which can bind the fatty acids as well as slow down the sugar absorption rate in the body quite easily. In this way, it can also slow down the time which our body takes to empty the stomach and this can really make you feel fuller for a long time. Due to this reason the soluble fiber is also considered as one of the prime element in weight loss programs. Weight loss experts are now suggesting their clients to have soluble fiber in their daily diet. On the other hand, the insoluble fiber moved through the digestive system and keeps the bowel movements frequent. Nuts, green and leafy veggies as well as seeds are the true form of insoluble fiber. The oats are very high in soluble & insoluble fiber.

Anti Cancer

Oats, like any other grains & vegetables, have phytochemicals (or plant chemicals). Lots of phytochemicals can reduce the person's risk to get cancer. The phytoestrogen compounds, named lignans, in the oats are linked to reduced risk of the hormone linked diseases like breast cancer. Majority of research is focused on the breast cancer, however same effects are been expected on some other hormone cancers like endometrium, prostate, as well as ovarian cancer. The international research also has shown women with the higher intake of the dietary fiber have the lower circulating levels of oestrogen, the factor linked with the lower risk of the breast cancer. Insoluble fibers in the oats are thought to decrease carcinogens in gastrointestinal tract.