Oat Fiber – Helps in Consuming Both the Fiber!

If the health experts have advised you to consume fiber, then ensure that he is either trying to prevent some diseases or he is trying to keep your digestive system fully functional. Well, the consumption of fiber on a daily basis can really deliver you great result. But at the same time it is also important for you to know the advantages it can offer to you. You are also required to know what sort of fiber you can consume and why? When you are looking at the fiber category that can be consumed daily, you will come across two main categories like soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. The soluble fiber is present in fruits like apple, oranges and grapes. Consuming it can make your feel fuller and you will not carve for food further. Due to this reason the soluble fiber is considered as a good option for those who wish to lose weight. It's the insoluble fiber that is present in seeds and nuts. Some green and leafy vegetables are also a great source of this fiber category. But the oat fiber is what can always offer you a great chance to have both the soluble as well as insoluble fiber at a single time.

Heart and Cholesterol

Oat bran and Oatmeal are important sources of the dietary fiber. And this fiber has the mixture of half soluble & insoluble fibers. One element of soluble fiber in oats is the beta-glucans, soluble fiber that has proven very effective to lower the blood cholesterol. Here is how it actually works. The soluble fiber will break down when it passes through digestive tract and forming the gel, which traps substances linked to cholesterol, like cholesterol rich acids. The entrapment reduces absorption of the cholesterol in the bloodstream. Bad cholesterol or LDL is trapped not lowering the good cholesterol (or HDL). Grains and oats are the best compounds sources named tocotrienols. And these are the antioxidants that together with the tocopherols to form vitamin E. Tocotrienols inhibit the cholesterol synthesis as well as are found for lowering the blood cholesterol.